How To Become A Millionaire

How To Become A Millionaire

It’s the age-old aspiration: to have a million dollars and become a millionaire. Of course, one million is nowhere near as valuable as it used to be thanks to inflation, but it’s still a worthy financial goal, even by 2017 standards. Perhaps it’s not so much knowing that you have seven figures in … [Continue Reading]

Credit Score Range – What Is A Good Credit Score?

Credit scores are some of the most confusing, yet essential components of personal finance. Reminiscent of our school days, consumers are basically “graded” on how well we manage our finances, ranging from Excellent to Poor, rather than A to F. If you’ve never applied for a mortgage or auto loan, … [Continue Reading]

How To Do Well In College – Getting The Most Out Of A College Education

A college education is expensive. Regardless of whether or not your parents are footing the bill, you’re paying for it yourself, or through student loans, someone is funding your education. And the worst part is, most scholarships only cover so much – you still have to pay for books and living … [Continue Reading]

How To Make A Career Change

The American Dream involves making a living doing what you love, but according to research, 4 out of 5 people are unhappy with their jobs and are looking to make a career change. Some employees may be looking for more challenging work while others are striving for a higher salary, but not many are … [Continue Reading]

How To Start A Blog and Make Money

"How do I start a blog?" After countless questions from friends and family about how to start a blog, I decided to create this guide on how to set up a WordPress blog. Starting your own blog doesn't have to be complicated, intimidating or expensive. In fact, I've negotiated a special 40% off … [Continue Reading]

How To Sue Your Landlord

Suing your landlord is not a decision you make lightly. Most of the time, landlords are decent business-owners. The majority of landlords treat tenants fairly, make repairs when necessary, and as long as you pay your rent on time and don’t violate the terms of your lease, generally don’t bother … [Continue Reading]

Motif Investing Review

This Motif Investing review is intended to help you decide whether Motif is the right online broker for your needs. Motif Investing lets you use your own investment strategies to create funds or ETFs, each with a theme or "motif". If you're looking for a unique approach to investing and … [Continue Reading]

Highest Paying Jobs

For many Americans, a high salary is one of the most important factors that help determine our college major, career, or even where in the world we choose to live. Although education can play a role, there are some high paying jobs that do not even require a college degree. Despite the variety of … [Continue Reading]

Best Careers For The Future

The current unemployment rate is hovering just below 7% and this doesn’t account for the hundreds of thousands of underemployed individuals or the millions of people who simply gave up searching for a job and left the labor force. Worse is that millions of students are graduating college each year … [Continue Reading]

How Much Car Can I Afford?

Let me preface this article by saying: don’t be one of those people in the grocery store who pays with EBT or food stamps (there is nothing wrong with social welfare) and then puts their groceries into a Range Rover or Cadillac Escalade (there’s something really wrong with that). Alternatively, … [Continue Reading]

House Poor – How Much Home Can I Afford?

A friend of mine recently realized her dream of home ownership, but for many Americans, the dream can quickly become a financial nightmare. The phrase “house poor” refers to someone who spends an unusually high percentage of their income on housing, whether it is their mortgage or rent, and thus may … [Continue Reading]

How To Save Money Paying Off Student Loans

Paying off student loans has become more of a hardship for recent graduates than ever before. With the annual rise in tuition costs, college students are finding it more difficult to pay for school out of pocket. As a result, the average graduate is saddled with just over $35,000 in student loan … [Continue Reading]

Where Should I Live?

Our generation is one of maximum mobility. We have the freedom to live almost anywhere we want, so long as we have a good job and enough money to maintain a decent standard of living wherever we go. Approximately 6 in 10 Americans have moved at least once in their lives, whether it was for economic … [Continue Reading]

What Is An Internship – Benefits, Pay and Expectations

Internships have become increasingly popular the last few years as companies look to reduce labor costs and students or candidates search for positions that offer experience in a given profession or industry. An internship is an apprenticeship or formal training program for future professionals … [Continue Reading]

Jobs That Require No Experience

If you are fresh out of school, looking for a job, or in the midst of a career change, but have no job experience on your resume, finding a high paying job may seem difficult. Many available jobs require X years of education or experience, and you may find yourself falling into the paradoxical “need … [Continue Reading]