About Us

To keep it short and sweet, my name is Gary and I graduated from a top-ranked university as a finance/business major with a concentration in financial analysis, valuation and entrepreneurship. I worked at an internet company for a year, and then the investment banking and private equity industry. I have a Real Estate Broker’s License. I currently live in Southern California (hence the RE Broker’s License), but am originally from Houston, TX.

The goal of this site is to educate and help young adults – the Millennial Generation – make better decisions. We will discuss personal finance, money, career and education advice, and productivity/self-improvement. All information on this site has been obsessively researched and verified. Gajizmo will never pass opinion for fact – we are not a political media outlet trying to persuade you of one thing or another. We simply want our readers to make informed choices to lead more successful personal and professional lives.

All revenue from Gajizmo.com will be donated to charity or used for random acts of kindness!

Feel free to contact me through the “Contact Us” form.