Best Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Most people today consider car insurance to be one of their most cumbersome expenses. Since it is now mandatory in most states for drivers to have valid auto insurance, this is also a largely unavoidable expense for anyone who owns a car. Luckily, there are a number of ways to find cheap rates and quotes that won’t break the bank and can actually save you money compared to your current premiums. These methods are not only simple, but also promote safe driving habits, which in turn may reduce the chances of costly accidents and out-of-pocket expenses.

Opt For A Higher Deductible

Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes OnlineOne of the best ways to get more affordable protection is to choose a higher deductible at the time of signing. This means that in the event of an accident, you will have to pay more money out of pocket than you would if you chose a lower deductible on your insurance plan.

If you are a safe and careful driver, however, the cost benefits of the higher deductible will likely outweigh the risk. Insurance companies will lower a premium rate for those who choose this option, since they know they will need to pay less for claims and damages in an accident. On average, a shift from a $500 deductible to $1,000 one can save a family about $800 per year.

Consider An Energy Efficient Car

If you are, or will soon be, in the market for a new car, consider buying a hybrid or a fuel-efficient vehicle. Insurance companies will often grant cheaper quotes to those who choose an environmentally responsible vehicle. Studies have shown that consumers who purchase hybrids are more likely to be safe and responsible drivers.

Additionally, hybrids aren’t as focused on speed as they are on practicality and economics, and hence indicate a state-mind or personality-type of the driver. Because of this, insurance companies consider an energy efficient car to be a low risk investment, and will offer lower prices to those who list these cars on their insurance plans.

Drive Fewer Miles

When drivers compare the cost of coverage, they will often be asked to provide details about their driving habits. Those who indicate that they drive fewer miles per month or per year will often be rewarded with the cheapest car insurance. This is because, as insurance companies see it, the less people drive, the less likely they will be involved in an accident. This lower accident risk should translate into much lower monthly costs.

Practice Safe Driving Habits

Insurance companies will offer significant discounts for those with a clean driving record, so safe and responsible drivers should receive fairly cheap auto insurance quotes. Anyone who has been involved in an accident or has accumulated several traffic violations within the past three years might experience a spike in their monthly premiums, but these costs can be somewhat alleviated by enrolling in safe driving courses. Some insurance companies will reduce rates by up to 20% for those who successfully complete such a class.

5 Reasons To Compare Companies

To find the best deals, it is also important to compare insurance rates before finally selecting a carrier. The insurance industry is certainly a competitive one, but consumers can get ahead of the game by choosing to get free quotes online from sites like

Conducting the proper research will help ensure that you are getting the lowest rate available and direct you to those companies who offer the most savings. This way, consumers can get comparisons from all of the leading providers and select the one that offers the best protection. - Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Reason #1: Save Time

Consumers are pressed for time these days, and spending hours on the phone to compare car insurance simply is not the quickest way to get things done. Quote comparison sites online allow consumers to enter their information, such as car make and model, and receive insurance quotes from all of the nation’s leading companies at once. Drivers can just select the best car coverage for their needs and contact that company for more information.

Reason #2: Save Money

Car insurance is much like any other product on the market today; it is offered by dozens of companies and rates must remain competitive in order for those companies to stay in business. By searching through several different companies’ offers at the same time, consumers can easily find out if another company can save them money. This way, they are able to get the same great coverage they need at rates they can easily afford. Almost everyone is finding the cheapest car insurance online these days.

Reason #3: Get Insured Immediately

Though not every consumer who searches for free auto insurance quotes online is interested in making an immediate purchase, the option is certainly available. In fact, many consumers realize how much money they could save by switching to another company and choose to do so. Most of the major carriers allow consumers to print out their proof of insurance; this proof needs to be carried in the automobile in the event of an accident or traffic stop.

Reason #4: Shop Anytime

Though most insurance companies these days provide 24-hour hotlines and customer service for their customers to call in the event of an accident, sales are only handled during specific business hours. Consumers who are not able to call during those hours can still shop for car insurance quotes via the Internet.

In fact, some companies even provide additional discounts to people who choose to purchase their insurance online instead of over the phone as this saves the company money on commissions and agent, broker, and admin fees. For this reason, it is easy and often more effective for consumers to shop for lower car insurance rates online at any time of the day or night.

Reason #5: Choose The Best Policy

Though saving money is certainly essential, sometimes it is more important to choose the insurance policy that best fits a consumer’s needs. For instance, some policies are designed solely for those who only drive on the weekends while others are for people who must commute an hour or more each way to and from work.

Some consumers may not need GAP insurance, especially if they are driving older automobiles; while almost all lenders and financing companies require GAP insurance for new cars and purchases.

We also highly recommend that, if your car is worth less than $3,000, that you maintain only liability insurance coverage, a deductible of $1,000 or $1,500, and forego comprehensive and full coverage. Finally, some policies include free access to automobile rentals, AAA roadside assistance coverage, and even pet insurance; this appeals to some drivers, but not all of them. Find the best car insurance all depends on your specific coverage needs and wants.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

There are plenty of reasons why consumers can benefit from shopping for quotes online. Though saving time and finding affordable car insurance is very important, it is just as fundamental to find a policy that fits and makes sense for each individual driver. Like everything else, do your research and you’ll always find the best car insurance.