Best Home Insurance Companies

Comparing home insurance rates and quotes can help consumers save money, but just comparing prices may not help you find the best value and policy. It is important to buy insurance from a company that provides the top coverage, rates, customer service, claims responsiveness, and financial strength that homeowners deserve, especially in times of distress […]

Cheapest Home Insurance

Most consumers pay their home insurance in their monthly mortgage payment, so finding the cheapest coverage can lower your housing costs and avoid the problem of being house poor. Most homeowners do not realize there are easy steps they can take to get their insurance company to lower their costs, such as increasing your deductible, […]

Real Estate Investors Buy Rental Home Insurance

One of the most common ways to becoming a millionaire is through real estate investment. Rental homes and investment properties allow you to earn passive income by having others pay off your rental’s mortgage for you. Additionally, when you decide to sell your rental properties in the future, investors will see huge investment returns and […]

Do You Need Vacant Home Insurance?

As normal homeowners, we sometimes need to move before we sell our old house. Similarly, real estate investors sometimes hold a house vacant because they don’t want to rent it out or are putting together plans for renovation. Whatever the reason, it may be wise to consider vacant home insurance so any theft, fire or […]

How To Get Good Tenants – Rental Applications

Step 4: Accept and Scrutinize All Applications Your rental application should be simple to read, simple to follow, brief, and yet thorough. You don’t need applicants’ entire life histories to help you decide whether to rent to them. The application you use should have sections with information on the applicant’s current and previous tenancies, current and […]

How To Get Good Tenants – Prepare Your Property and Qualify Prospects

Step 1: Prepare Your Property Your job at this point is to fix up, paint, clean, and dress your rental property home or apartment to make it attractive enough so that a good prospect will want to rent it from you for the rent you want to charge. You will always attract the best tenants […]

Landlording – How To Get Good Tenants

Times of vacancy put pressure on landlords. They’re loss-of-revenue times, doubtful and working times, and if you don’t own many properties, each vacancy represents a high percentage of all your rentals and you are likely to be especially anxious to get that vacant rental filled. Be anxious, but don’t be hasty. You want a smooth […]

Types of Insurance For Homeowners

Consumers hear about the most popular types of insurance regularly, such as auto, life, health, and homeowners insurance. The largest companies spend billions advertising and inundating Americans with constant reminders that they need to switch insurance carriers, get quotes to find cheaper rates, or buy more coverage. For a change, let’s talk about a few […]

Mobile Home Insurance

The definition of a mobile home may vary between insurance companies. Although RVs and travel trailers are considered mobile homes, for insurance purposes, the term generally refers to trailers or manufactured homes that are built offsite and transported to a mobile home park or lot. For the purposes of mobile home insurance, the definition is […]

Home Insurance Policies – Temporary Living Expense Coverage For An Emergency

When the need for emergency services arises (normally in every emergency and insurance loss), the policyholder has two distinct options. The first option is the homeowner can pay for emergency repairs and other immediate expenditures directly out of his/her pocket. If you are in a comfortable financial situation, this may not impact your income and/or […]

Should You File A Home Insurance Claim?

If you have suffered a valid loss, by all means, file a claim with your insurance carrier. Some homeowners are reluctant to file, no matter how big of a loss their home has sustained. A lot of this hesitant attitude comes from the often recited tale that if you file, you will be cancelled. If […]

Why You Should Get A Home Insurance Estimate

A home insurance estimate is essential to new home buyers since the cost of insurance can be included in their monthly mortgage payments and is directly associated with the price or replacement value of your home. Most lenders even required my wife and me to secure an insurance policy before completing the mortgage loan paperwork […]

Best Home Insurance Coverage, Companies, Quotes and Rates

A home is the single largest and most important purchase that most consumers make in their lifetime. For many, becoming a homeowner is the epitome of fulfilling the American Dream; however, most consumers never discuss the risks, liabilities, and potential downfalls of homeownership. Homeowners insurance protects consumers against financial loss if their home is damaged […]