Millionaires By The Numbers – Up Close and Personal

How Millionaires Invest

After the recession dragged down the stock market and real estate prices, millionaires felt the pinch as their net worth plummeted; however, just a few years later, membership in the millionaires club is increasing. Here’s some insight into their thoughts, backgrounds, and lives, provided by … [Continue Reading]

5 Safe Investments You Can Make Today

Safe Investments

Years ago, people could invest money and feel fairly secure they would eventually make a profit. Yes, there were highs and lows, but overall investors were not too concerned about losing their life savings in a financial crash or crises. In recent years, however, investments have become risky at … [Continue Reading]

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?

Invest In Your Home

Over the years, viewpoints on mortgages have changed considerably. Many of us learned from an early age to pay off our bills or loans and get out of debt quickly. However, that theory seems to have changed over recent years. Sometimes leveraging your income or cash flow to make a big investment and … [Continue Reading]

How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

Credit Scores

Oh, the credit score. It can sometimes make or break a person's financial success. If you have a high credit score, you will get the lowest interest rates and best deals when it comes to your home mortgage, car loans, insurance rates, and business loans. As long as you keep up the payments, the … [Continue Reading]

How To Maintain Your Focus As An Entrepreneur

Focus As An Entrepreneur

As anyone who owns a business can tell you, it isn’t easy. There are so many hats to wear and so many things to control. Not only does the business owner have to oversee daily operations, but also network for new opportunities to continuously grow. Oftentimes, it just becomes too much. Some tasks … [Continue Reading]

5 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed

Why You Are Unemployed

It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve been out of work for quite some time. You have looked for a job, researched industries and companies, gone to interviews and nothing is happening. Stress and discouragement start to set in. How will the bills be paid? Unemployment is absolutely no fun. Money … [Continue Reading]

Ways To Say No and Stop Over-Spending

Stop Spending

Spending more money than we should is far too easy. Years ago, people generally spent what they had. The only thing they customarily took out a loan for was a house and occasionally, a car. However, modern times allow us to buy nearly anything we want on credit and pay for it later. Credit card … [Continue Reading]

Forget Tuition And Cost, Go To The Best College You Can

Number of Billionaires By School

A common misconception that pervades the minds of many is that a college education, regardless of school, is one and the same – that attending one school versus another makes absolutely no difference, and that you are better off going to a community college and walking out with minimal debt. I can … [Continue Reading]

Best Time To Buy Anything During The Year


One of the best ways to save money is to stop overspending or buying impulsively and plan for great deals, especially on large ticket items such as cars, appliances, TVs, computers, laptops, furniture, mattresses, bikes and even airfare. With so many different products and gifts up for sale during … [Continue Reading]

Jobs That Require No Experience

Jobs That Require No Experience

If you are fresh out of school, looking for a job, or in the midst of a career change, but have no job experience on your resume, finding a high paying job may seem difficult. Many available jobs require X years of education or experience, and you may find yourself falling into the paradoxical … [Continue Reading]

Best Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

Part-Time Jobs With Health Benefits

With the health of the economy still in the spotlight, a steady source of income is more important than ever. Unfortunately, with the federal government requiring American citizens to own and maintain health insurance starting in 2014, the cost of premiums may be a burden for many small businesses, … [Continue Reading]

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Resumes That Stand Out

Your resume is the key to winning an interview. Statistically, hiring managers and human resource coordinators spend 10 to 20 seconds reviewing your resume. In that time period, you need to make your resume stand out from the other 100 they’ve received and warrant a follow-up call to learn more … [Continue Reading]

How To Impress Your Boss And Get A Promotion

How To Get A Promotion

If you’re fortunate enough to have a job you love or are well-paid, going above and beyond what is expected of you in the workplace is key to not only keeping your job, but potentially getting a promotion and a raise. Sucking up to your boss doesn’t exactly do it and may actually cause more harm … [Continue Reading]

How To Find A Job After College

How To Find A Job After College

When you are a student, you may think that finding a job after college and starting your career should be easy. After all, you just successfully finished your degree and you’re ambitious, hard-working, and ready to make money. Unfortunately, many college graduates don’t have jobs lined up for … [Continue Reading]

How To Lower Your Monthly Utility Bill

How To Lower Your Electric Bill

If you’re looking for ways to save money by lowering your monthly utility bill, there are many affordable, efficient and easy strategies that can reduce your water and energy costs by as much as 50%. These simple do-it-yourself changes and/or renovations require a minimal upfront investment … [Continue Reading]