House Poor – How Much Home Can I Afford?

House Poor

A friend of mine recently realized her dream of home ownership, but for many Americans, the dream can quickly become a financial nightmare. The phrase “house poor” refers to someone who spends an unusually high percentage of their income on housing, whether it is their mortgage or rent, and thus … [Continue Reading]

How To Save Money on Gas – 20 Easy Ways

How To Save Money on Gas

The average American family drives 15,000 miles a year, per car, according to the US Department of Transportation. Assuming your car gets about 25 mpg (miles per gallon), you consume nearly 600 gallons of gasoline per year. And if you are a commuter, sales person, or love to take long road trips or … [Continue Reading]

Best LinkedIn Profiles – Tips On Creating A Great Public Profile

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social network that is designed specifically for professional networking and job hunting across the country. In order to truly make an impact and find the job you really want, it is important to avoid making the most common social online faux pas with your LinkedIn profile. You may be … [Continue Reading]

Credit Unions vs. Banks


During the 2008 financial crisis, many people began losing their faith in the American banking system. With a storm approaching and systemic risk seeming inevitable (in which banks are so heavily interconnected that the failure of one would lead to a failure of them all), countless banks were forced … [Continue Reading]

Back To School Shopping Can Teach Your Children The Value of Money

Back To School Shopping

Though some students never want summer to end because they “hate school”, back-to-school shopping always seems to be an exciting time for children. Let’s face it – who doesn’t like getting new things, even if its pens/pencils, notebooks, crayons, school uniforms, and graphing calculators? … [Continue Reading]

How To Trade In A Car

How To Trade In A Car

Got a car you just want to get rid of, sell, or trade-in? It really doesn’t matter whether it’s an old car or just one you simply can’t afford anymore – you have dozens of options. With the used car market booming, dealerships are even cold-calling and sending out letters to find owners who … [Continue Reading]

Best Time of Year To Buy Large Appliances

New Appliances

Everyday we make purchases whether they are necessary or not. Some purchases are just impulse buys and with others, we tend to pay more attention and do more research about the products we purchase. There comes a time when you must make the important decision of what appliances to purchase. Though … [Continue Reading]

150 Famous Quotes By Famous People

Life Is Like A Camera

Famous quotes are famous for a reason - they motivate, inspire, and teach us to live better, happier, and more successful lives. The best quotes provide us insight into life, death, love, work, success, failure, entrepreneurship, education, change, etc. and are universally accepted truths, … [Continue Reading]

What Is A Good Credit Score?

What Is A Good Credit Score

A good or bad credit score can affect every facet of an individual's or family’s financial life, from mortgage rates and auto loans to employer background checks and life insurance rates. Lenders, landlords and even employers consider a credit score a reflection of an individual's reliability and … [Continue Reading]

Best Business Schools For An MBA – 2014

Best Business Schools

The dynamics of MBA programs and business schools have changed the last few years, and not just in terms of higher median GMAT scores, GPAs, and lower acceptance rates due to higher application numbers, but also in regards to huge increases in full-time tuitions and total costs of attendance per … [Continue Reading]

Vanguard vs Fidelity

Fidelity vs Vanguard

While BlackRock is the largest investment manager in terms of assets under management, when looking to invest in mutual funds, the two places you’re likely to turn are Vanguard and Fidelity. As the two biggest mutual fund companies in the United States, each have a collective $1.7 trillion in … [Continue Reading]

How To Build Self-Confidence

How To Build Confidence

Most of us feel like we could use more self-confidence. Everyone has something that intimidates them, and most of us could list several things, such as taking a business risk, public speaking, commitment, making new friends, approaching a girl or guy, and that’s just off the top of our heads. A … [Continue Reading]

Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

Air Traffic Controllers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 60 percent of U.S. workers do not have a bachelor's degree. Although attending the best college may be the surest way to earn a high salary, a college education may not be for everyone. Whether it involves family responsibilities, … [Continue Reading]

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Wedding Venues

Most women have been dreaming of their wedding day since childhood, planning the perfect and most magical day of their lives. Even though it is every couple’s (read: woman’s) dream to have an extravagant wedding, unfortunately with the financial situation nowadays, couples (read: men) are trying … [Continue Reading]

How To Become A Freelance Writer

How To Become A Freelance Writer

A lot of people dream about working for themselves and/or working from home, but only a fraction of the dreamers ever make this a reality. Freelancing seems like a great alternative to traditional employment, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Freelance work requires self-motivation, hours of … [Continue Reading]